DigitCompass is proud of satisfying the requirements for 508 Compliance, and Data Security Compliance. DigitCompass LLC provides services of development of statistical software and web systems. Section 1194.21, Section 1194.22, and
Section 1194.24 apply to our services. DigitCompass LLC is also complying with Section 1194.31 and Section 1194.41. For details, please see Section 508 Evaluation Template.

Our services fully complies with Section 508 and related laws and policies. These laws are critical for eliminating barriers in information technology and opening new opportunities for people with disabilities. DigitCompass LLC not only complies with these laws but also go above and beyond them to give people with disabilities the equal access to information and products provided. Employees of DigitCompass LLC are getting trained on the relevant laws annually.

For data security, DigitCompass has developed and implemented stringent data security plan, which enforces the integration of data access and security into the whole IT system. Security incident reporting procedures are installed such that our system is monitoring 24 hours, and any potential compromises will be reported to Senior Management and stakeholders within 1 hour of discovery.